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If you’re looking for a Speeding Solicitor or seriously thinking that you might need one, you’re in the right place. Just fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch with how we can help:

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The difference between “Normal” Speeding Lawyers and DriveProtect:

DriveProtect was founded in 2009 to give Members access to specialist Speeding Solicitors at a significantly discounted rate.

Rather than having to find, interview and then negotiate with a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket yourself, Members get access to our specially selected, tried and tested road traffic solicitors.

Because we put so much “business” their way (i.e. drivers who need representation at Court for speeding offences), Members benefit from significantly reduced costs compared with hiring a speeding lawyer directly.

We also pay our Lawyers a retainer to offer phone and email advice to Members and to try to get their speeding tickets overturned before ever reaching court.

A recent success story from a Member:
How to become a Member of DriveProtect:

You can either join online here, give us a call on 01843 232 791 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions and hopefully get you signed up.

If you have questions about joining, our Membership Advisors will be happy to assist. We don’t do high pressure sales – we are here to help existing and future Members with your speeding fines.

All the best,

Adam Blair

Founder, DriveProtect